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Connecting Cultures 


It’s all about making a connection. Indochina is not a place to come and look at, it’s a place to get involved and gain some insight, some understanding of the people, their cultures, and history...

Mr. Phan Thuan An is a mine of information, which he dispenses in measured amounts in the manner of a committed teacher. He dresses in the male version of the ‘au dai’, Vietnam’s traditional costume, and his erect posture and calm manner clearly identifies his royal lineage. A visit to Hue would not complete without meeting Mr. Phan Thuan An. 

Water Pupet-Phan Thanh Liem.jpg
Private Water Puppet Show

Small winding alleys, dodging in Kham Thien market street where artist Phan Thanh Liem has been preserving and promoting the little old soul cultural treasure of Vietnam - the water puppetry. Today I had an interesting visit to this talented artist's home theater and had a chance to interview him about water puppetry and his second-to-none small water puppet theater.

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