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The Mekong Delta, Vietnam 

The Rice Bowl of Vietnam & the World...

Hanoi - Vietnam's Capital 

Cantho - The Mekong Delta 

Hoian - The Old Town 

Halong Bay 

Sapa - Town in Cloud 




The mighty Mekong River is one of the longest rivers in the world, it goes through 6 countries from China, to the border between Laos and Thailand, to Cambodia, and Vietnam before it empties in the East Sea (You may know with the name South China Sea, but Vietnamese don’t say that). This long river makes up the large Delta, the second in the world after Amazon River Delta. The Mekong Delta - or Cuu Long in Vietnamese - consists of nine branches (the Nine Dragons) of the mighty Mekong River, which begins its long journey to the East Sea (south China Sea) in the mountains of Tibet. The delta is the life-blood of southern Vietnam, nourishing the region's rice paddies, vegetable plots and fruit orchards. The Mekong Delta provides an excellent opportunity to observe and experience traditional Vietnamese rural life. A boat trip through the myriad canals offers travelers a real insight to life in the countryside: peasant hard at work in their paddy fields, water buffaloes, tangled fruit orchards, simple, thatched-roof dwellings, temples, fishermen and excited children everywhere. In the delta's towns - the major ones being Mytho, Caibe & Vinhlong, Cantho and Chaudoc - the river remains the central focus of daily life. Ferries ply its waters transporting people and goods to market or home after a long day's work, while providing a valuable link with the rest of the country and region. Travelers exploring the Mekong Delta will be well rewarded. Experience the traditional floating markets in Can Tho, effectively unchanged for hundreds of years and not yet spoiled by tourism as in Thailand, explore the many beautiful islands that surround My Tho, just a short distance from Saigon, or a touch of Mekong Delta life in Caibe & Vinhlong.


  • If you have just one full day, you can choose the options of Mytho or Caibe

  • If you have one night, you can have homestay in Vinhlong or in a deluxe hotel in Cantho.

  • If you want to do boat up Mekong River to Pnom Phenh, then you need to have two nights in Cantho and Chaudoc before boat up to Pnom Phenh, Cambodia the third day.

  • Or you can choose to stay on a luxury cruise from Vietnam to Cambodia 

Where to Stay

What to Eat 

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