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What To Do in Hoian 

Old Charming Town Hoi An is the one of the most unique cities in Vietnam.  The Old Town portion of the city is a UNESCO heritage site and the old architecture is superbly preserved and displayed.  
Hoian Walking Tour

Hoi An's main sights of interest are all within the UNESCO protected area adjacent to the river and your guide will escort you around the narrow winding streets on foot as cars are not allowed.


You visit some of the Merchant's houses and Chinese Assembly Halls which are tucked away in the back streets of this fascinating historic town and will cross the Japanese Covered Bridge which is on of Hoi An's most recognisable landmarks and a good place from which to orientate yourself.

Tra Que Herb Village 


Tra Que is a small village outside of Hoi An Old Town.  The village has existed for at least 300 years.  It is located between Tra Que algae pond and the De Vong River, with special conditions producing rich soil, and ideal for growing fresh herbs.


Tra Que is a brand name for the village’s fragrant and high quality herbs. The village is named after the sweet scented herbs that are used in the everyday meals of Hoi An people, such as mint, coriander and basil.  A tour of the organic vegetable and herb gardens can include some time working in the fields: wearing local farmer's clothes, watering and hoeing vegetable beds...

Cooking Class in Hoian 

Hoi An is certainly a good place to do a cookery course in Vietnam: a huge range of places offer courses, which gives you the opportunity to shop around and find something that suits you. Plus — it’s an excuse to stay there another day.


Contact us if you wish to do cooking class in Hoian. 

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